Leather Repair in Las Vegas, NV

Leather Repair in Las Vegas, NV

Barry has extra knowledge into restoring leather and how best to work with it. The color needs to match the original color and the repairs need to restore the item to near perfect quality.

  1. Mortisha Brown says:

    I have an 8-seater leather seat and the cover was accidentally cut by my kid with a scissor. The damage was quite large and I don’t know how to repair it. Can I send you pictures of it for onsultation first? Thanks! http://www.smithhainesinc.com/

  2. Dana Caffrey says:

    I just want to inquire. How much will a 2-seater leather seat cost if I want to restore it? Thanks!

  3. David Hyatt says:

    I Have a three piece black leather sectional couch, two the the three sections are like new. the Corner section has numerous tears on the edges and the seat cushion is all out of shape. Is this something you could repair and what would the cost and process be. Look forward to hearing from you.


  4. Michael U says:

    I have 3 wooden bar stools that need to be refinished one has a broken swivel – can you give me a guestimate for cost – Thank you Michael

  5. Joann McCraw says:

    I have a leather couch that my dog leave some scratch marks on it. I would like to ask if your going to replace the entire leather cover of just the are that has marks? Or if you have other solutions availbe other than replacing it? -http://www.pacificleatherworks.com/

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